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Chido Bueno is a cultural exchange between Mexico and the UK. Chido Bueno brings Mexican culture, tradition and artisans to the UK providing the UK with a taste of Mexico's rich cultural heritage.

Chido Bueno is based on the premise of creating classic, timeless and handcrafted items which stand for integrity and the ethics of fair trade. Chido Bueno works directly with artisans to develop traditional styles, adding unique and modern twists.

The products Chido Bueno source, design and sell say no to fast fashion and yes to quality and individuality. Chido Bueno works directly with artisans to ensure they get a fair price for their work, as well as the opportunity to continue their traditions, whilst learning new approaches and skills. Our goal is to continually improve our methods of working with artisans to offer them an opportunity for sustainable development and continual learning, therefore improving the quality of life of many poor communities.


About the Founders

We sisters founded Chido Bueno quite simply because we love Mexico, its people, culture and colour, as well as all of the little tiny villages tucked away with big surprises.

Between us we have years of experience in Mexican communities, design and development and we are convinced that the UK has a lot to gain from a new relationship with Mexico.


The Environment

Chido Bueno cares about the environment. All of our gift wrapping is 100% recycled and our post envelopes are 100% biodegradable.

Water is a precious commodity as is energy. We suggest you set your wash at 30º to help save energy.